AGE Lobster Inc. exports live lobsters worldwide, and will provide competitive pricing for top quality lobsters. Our lobsters are bought directly from the hard working fishermen of Nova Scotia, and are packed in-house at our Cape Sable Island location before they are dropped off to Halifax Airport.Whether you are looking to buy a LD7 load or just a few boxes, we can handle it all.

AGE Lobster Inc. also offers export shipping from our Toronto location as well for smaller orders (300 lbs to 3000 lbs). By shipping directly from Toronto, we can get your lobsters to you under 24 hours after the lobsters leave the water. 

We offer variety of packing for our export shipping. We can ship in 30 lbs styro boxes (most popular), 33 lbs corrugated styro boxes, 8 kg wax boxes,10 kg wax boxes, and 30 lbs wax boxes. 

To get pricing, please contact info@agelobster.com for more information.